The Real LGBT Agenda

After more than six years on his Facebook page, Dr. Michael Brown has blocked me from posting there. I’ve asked many substantive questions yet have received zero substantive responses from Mr Brown. Sorry, “read this link” or “buy my book” isn’t considered substantive for a discussion.

Just look at Dr. Michael Brown’s Facebook page (“AskDrBrown”) on any given day lately. His near daily rants about trans people, gay people, the “nasty LGBT agenda”…but yet I don’t see people coming to Christ through any of his Facebook page posts. It’s all hot air blather. Read the comments section on any of his posts…vile, misguided hatred masquerading as truth only ostracizes people even further from solid discussion.

During the course of conversations there I would often preface my position on an issue as a “Christian transgender woman”.  And of course many followers of his there would come back and say that’s not possible. Shouting at me cherry picked Bible verses to allegedly prove their point. What they did prove instead, was how good they were at cutting and pasting irrelevant bible verses to a discussion.

Just yesterday, he posted yet another anti-LGBT piece, one of several this past week, this time a poem.  Here is a portion:

Lesbian greats long neglected
Well known gays just now detected.

Some, perhaps, were man-boy lovers;
We’ll keep that stuff under the covers.

GLSEN* will fill in for Granny
And help kids find their inner-trannie.

Those born in a body that’s wrong
Will hear of sex-change before long.

The rest of his poem is here. Click if you dare allow your blood rise to a full boiling point, read the rest of his anti-LGBT ‘poetry’ at this link.  Copy and paste this link, I refuse to directly link it from this page:

Pius drivel like this is why people don’t want to go back to church. He is constantly barraging LGBT people as if we are his personal political and religious piñata. The same goes for other people such as Franklin Graham, Southern Baptist convention higher up Russell Moore, the Benham family, John Piper, etc. Read their diatribes on LGBT folks…filled with legalism but void of true love. Yet they claim they are “being loving” by telling us the “truth”.

Umm, no. That’s not how it works.  That’s not how the red words work. That’s not how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross works.

People like those preacher men make it very hard to not just preach the true gospel, but to actually live it and show it. When those that do show the true gospel from the heart meets someone who’s doctrine is from these men and their institutions, they are put down by this camp as being “too grace like and not enough law”. They demand the results must look like and feel like what they consider to be proper Gospel.

As if the theological doctorate certificates hanging on the wall of these men wall one-up God’s Spirit at anytime.

Proper gospel is what comes from the heart and is a result of God flowing inside of someone’s soul. That’s the “love one another” part of things. That’s how the Holy Spirit moves mightily!

But His Spirit cannot move when men insist it must look like, and must fit into, a certain way of thinking or being. Such as what those aforementioned men and their systems consider only what’s proper in their finite eyes.

Yet these stalwarts of church piety keep talking down to the LGBT folks. And they are losing them in droves.  Creating the “us vs them” LGBT agenda, as they say, that they love to talk about and claim to be constant victim of at every turn.  They consider themselves to be “right” on doctrinal interpretation.  All while shunning the hearts of LGBT believers who will never come back to church because of their proper doctrine, ever.

Why is the victim-first mentality alive and well in religion-mixed-with-politics circles?  Is that part of the fear that helps them sell their brand? But I digress…

While they keep being “right” in their view of doctrine, these people who have been put out are hurting much more. They are walking away from God because you hurt them in the name of proper doctrine.  You alone are responsible for them walking away from God due solely to your insistence on being “right”. It stands to reason that these men and systems in for a rude awakening once they stand in front of God for pushing people away from Him:


Yes there is a greater agenda against LGBT people, is a terrible agenda, it comes from the pulpit and the politicians that are attached to those pulpits in America. It is called “dispose of the LGBT. This sexually immoral group of fornicators is our enemy and we need to remove them. They could never be considered Americans even if they serve this country in the military.”

That is the LGBT agenda. In other words, the LGBT agenda to exterminate, dispose of, ignore, separate from society, cast out, and put down everyone who find themselves with an LGB or T in front of their name. By use of cherry picked gospel verse…out of context bible verses… to “prove” their point.

Jesus did not shout bible verses at people, only the Pharisees, the separatists, who refused to believe in Him, who’s goal was to maintain power in law.

Another word for Pharisees is separatists or separated ones.

Separating and dividing.  This is exactly what’s going on here in our country in these days, in our churches and in our politics, especially with these men leading the way.

The real LGBT agenda is to also separate the LGBT people as a permanent, banned-from-church second class political whipping post. All while blaming it on anything but themselves for creating this unGod-like separation among His people in our land. It allows these stoic institutions to keep throwing verbal stones at those they consider to be “abominations until the Lord” while they keep their sins hidden in the system of a given church religion. That’s precisely what Jesus came to save us from, the religious system. But that tragically is exactly what we have today across our country.

That is the LGBT agenda, separating one American against another for the sake of religious and political power. You men and institutions are not the victims of this agenda, quite the opposite…you are the willing players to see that it continues using fear as the weapon of division.

It’s horrific.  I pray this changes towards the heart of God and changes quickly.


-Monica Jean


(photo credit to Zac Poonen from his book Fifty Marks of Pharisees)


Why do “those people” need to march in a Pride parade?

“Why do those people need to march in the streets? Why do they call it Pride?…After all they are sinning, there’s no pride in sinning! Why do they need to do these things?”

I had those questions in the distant past, and saw them pop up by conservative friends recently. It’s taken me a long time to answer those questions.

I attended my first Pride event last year. I noticed no hedonism, no debauchery, no licentious sex, none of that Sodom and Gomorrah that many insist happens at these events. It was just a fun time with people from my church and I ran into a few friends during the day. This is a very low-key event but it was just fun and relaxing.

It occurred to me as we start this celebration of Pride month in June, exactly why LGBT folks want to have a pride parade or even a pride gathering.

Every LGBT person that shows up for Pride has a lot in common.

Such as…

A high percentage of us have been kicked out of our churches for being honest about who we are. Some have been kicked out of our homes.

Nearly all of us has received some sort of harassment verbally or physically, especially when coming out.

Many in this group of LGBT people have given up on religion altogether because they’ve been treated like dirt at their churches solely for being honest, oh the irony. This is something Jesus would never do, but too many institutional churches are happy to kick someone to the curb who doesn’t fit within their often-cliquish social constructs.

The pain of being kicked to the curb runs deep. Our social circles are often inside that church that cast us out.  God doesn’t insist this occur, only people who claim to know about God insist the gay or transgender person be cast aside.

Who shall we then convene with? Who shall we trust to hang out with? People that are just like us, other LGBT folks.  A safe place to convene without harassment.

There it is, the answer. It’s quite simple, Pride is a safe place to hang out for a day or two so we can just be ourselves.

Pride is a safe place, an oasis from the daily pain we bear from being told we are abominations, aberrations, backsliders, perverts, rejection from churches, unworthy of Jesus’ salvation…An oasis from being told from  family and friends that have disowned us that we are going to spend “eternity in hell”…those same people no longer talk with us.  It’s a safe place to gather so we can forget that some of us had jobs that we were pushed out of because of who we are.

Being honest with fellow man has cost us dearly.

We are not abominations or aberrations, we are people too, many with deep faith in God.

All that Pride means is a safe place to convene with others just like us who are honest about ourselves. God is proud of you and me.

Since many churches won’t offer a refuge for those who are honest about their gender and sexuality, is making our own safe place such a bad thing?

I think not.


-Monica Jean Maday