When Pastors and Preachers Place God Last In Their Personal Trinity, 2016 Is What Happens

A disturbing trend has been happening for quite some time and with the 2016 election season, it has now reached a feverish pitch.  That trend is pastors and preachers putting God dead last in their personal holy trinity.

Oh I know, it’s supposed to be Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Bible says that, these preachers say that, but that’s not what’s happening in real life.

Interpretation of the bible is their real God at the top of their trinity.  Their understanding of God is finite, yet they claim to know much about topics they never encountered before…such as transgender people.  Or gay Christians.  Rather than diving deep to understand the issue from one of experience and grace, these preachers and pastors filter what they know and the political winds of the day through their own minds.  And whatever verdict they reach is God’s truth.

For example, they have said that living the transgender lifestyle is incompatible with God’s teachings.

Really? Where does it say that in the bible?

It doesn’t.

They quickly point to Deuteronomy 22:5, the “crossdressing” verse, as ample evidence for their finite conclusions to become law over others.

Problem is, that rule was made 3,000 years ago so men wouldn’t dress as women to get out of serving in the theater of battle.  Or for looking for illicit sex by posing as females of the night.  This law has nothing to do with honest hearts and people, aka, transgender people.

Russell Moore of the Southern Baptist Convention wrote a 7 page “John or Joan” article in 2009.  Sadly it was highly influential on SBC churches on how to handle transgender people when they come out: make them stop taking hormones, show them that God’s “real plan” for John was really John all along and that through prayer and repentance, God can make John a whole John again!

This article Russ pens shows how woefully out of touch he is with the reality of trans folks.  Transgender people have amazing results with hormones clearing up lifelong depression, anxiety, emotional numbness, etc.  According to Mr Moore’s plan, he insists that John’s hormones be immediately stopped so that the person reverts back to their depressed, anxiety-ridden state of being where he consumes mass quantities of alcohol to kill the pain.  This only shows how Moore doesn’t understand the transgender condition whatsoever.  But those in such churches, they insist that God only made man or woman (Genesis 1:27).  No, read that again, God made man AND woman.  And with the trillions of transactions that happen in the womb, often times things don’t go as you expect them to turn out. This is a system (the SBC) placing it’s views and replacing God’s views on the subject.  SBC, you’re not God.

What Mr. Moore fails to understand is what we have told you all along, we are different.  No document you create will change the biology in our brains.

No amount of prayer fixes transgender people.


Not even prayers or burnt sacrifices offered to God by Dr. Paul McHugh himself will cure a single transgender person.

Self-acceptance is what saves us from the suicide attempts.  Having community that loves us and wants to see us flourish is the other key factor.  Since you insist on taking away the hormones that help us tremendously and take away the community of church from us as most times we are kicked to the curb as you and all the pastors downstream insist trans people change or get out of their churches, you offer us no other choice: go out into the world alone and emotionally broken.

The exact opposite of what Jesus would have done.

You see, “living the transgender lifestyle”, as you say, isn’t incompatible with God’s teachings.  No, your Pharisee, separatist, closed-hearted ways are incompatible with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He saves us no matter what we look like.

Then, the topic will change and will insist, that gay people cannot enter into heaven unless they stop being gay.  God can and will deliver them from being homosexual!

This too…really?  Where in the bible does it say that?

They reply: It’s in 1 Corinthians 6:9 and Romans 1:27, it clearly states that the Lord sayeth that homosexuals can’t entereth the kingdom of God!

It doesn’t. Again.

Oh it does in English translations from King James and newer, but a more involved study of this topic when looking at the original words of the bible and cultures that the author Paul was looking at paint an entirely different picture…

In the first chapter of Romans the word homosexuality was never there until 1946. We are taught to never change words of the bible but for this word, it was given an obvious exemption to this rule.  The root word was pederasty or where we get pedophile from, not gay or homosexual. The reason why pedophile was there is because in the Roman culture it was normalized for men to have sex with young boys. It was very usual and customary thing. Something our culture does not do at all obviously. The word was changed last century for unknown reasons to homosexuals. In a flash back in 1946, every gay person was a pedophile all of a sudden. Which is a sick and wrong view of gay people, but that’s exactly many view gay people now.

These days, ask any veteran of a recent war about the Middle East and how that exact culture still exists in many areas, yes it is unusual for a boy to get past puberty not having been molested by a man. That is the culture there. That was the culture 20+ centuries ago and has not changed.

That is the context of what Paul wrote about Romans, Corinth, etc. And likewise in the Old Testament that is the culture was that was there a thousand years before Christ ever walked on earth.  Given that we can see this culture 20+ centuries later, there’s no excuse for pastors and preachers to be preaching false, graceless interpretations of God’s Word.

God doesn’t give a crap about gay marriage, or any of that. He cares about human hearts. He cares about young boys being molested by men (Romans 1:27), he cares about young girls being also molested by church leaders and men and even older women of course. That’s why it’s in the Bible. We are to protect the children.

I wish people would read the Bible it in the proper context, not just the context of King James and newer.

Jesus came to free us from the system we are in, not put us in another one.

Tragically, they’ll preach this false doctrine of legalism from the pulpit anyway.  They will claim an evil agenda is out to devour people and make them gay. They’ll insist and thus continue blabbering on and on about how bad being gay is, while the few young gay kids in attendance at their services are inching towards deeper depression and suicide attempts because they are shamed into not talking about who they really are.  And this is OK with you because you believe “God can heal you of your sin of being gay!” Which doesn’t happen. How quickly they have forgotten Exodus International.

To these closed-hearted preachers and pastors, the death of an LGBT kid is greater than having an LGBT person in your congregation. The proof: there is no celebration of a gay person’s passing in one of these churches.

The third leg of their personal trinity is politics.  By aligning themselves with a political movement, they now have power nationally to continue their proven-false views of scripture, all while hurting others in the process.  They can look at other preachers down the street pointing to Romans 1:27 as “truth” and yell it from their pulpits in confidence they are “right” and any other viewpoint is “wrong”.  Thus, they set themselves up as the “humble voices for God in a rotting culture”.  Ugggh!

See, they are right and you are wrong!  Trust in them, they have all the answers!

Not happening.

It would be laughable if so many people weren’t so emotionally hurt by their off-base finite views being sold as truth.

This Toxic Trinity is like a modern day plague, young whipper-snappers flying out of Seminary school ready to take on Satan in the world, fired up for the Lord but must follow the corporate line of their denomination. By the time they are in their early 40’s they are worn down, they don’t believe in all the legalistic, denominational junk they were taught in school as real life and God Himself has proven to them that much of the other two legs of their Toxic Trinity is worthless.

Those that still find value in the two worthless legs of their Toxic Trinity continue on their Jaded Jesus Journey from the pulpit and the ballot box using fear in their congregations against LGBT folks at any cost.

The economy? Not as important as keeping gay people from marrying.

Abortion?  Not as important as keeping transgender people out of bathrooms.

National security? Not as important as making sure disastrous conversion therapy is law.

Keeping government small?  Not as important as being vindictive to political opponents.

I’m convinced a majority of Christian preachers and pastors do not know the true, non-filtered, Bible themselves in regards to these key issues of our time. They only know the legalistic interpretations that match the political power grab of 2016. The plaque on their office wall showing their doctorate degree in theology is more important than loving people like Jesus did. And true interpretation of God’s Word and loving others is cut off in the name of politics and being “right” about the issues of our time. Mix all this with politics and we now have the Toxic Trinity owning a plank of the GOP.

The real moral decay is happening in the selling out of the Republican party to a powerful faction of the GOP of those who claim to be “right”.

The one person who is “right”?  History is showing us that his name is Barry Goldwater.


Dear Christian, you’re offended at a flag but not offended at all the killings around you?

Dear offended Christian,

You are again easily offended by something else someone else is doing. This time, your county raised the rainbow flag in honor of the massacre victims in your state.  You called it a “divisive, politically-charged symbol”.  That this rainbow flag “might create an uncomfortable workplace environment for many of his employees”. And “the presence of the flag was “nearly unbearable” for her to pass on her way to work”.

A flag honoring dozens dead in your state is unbearable?  You have a rough life.

this article:
LGBT pride flag raised after Orlando shooting ‘unbearable’ for Christian employee, Hillsborough commissioner says


Jesus died on the cross for all of us.  All. Romans chapters 2 thru 5 outline this in no uncertain detail.  There is no asterisk next to the all that says that Christians who believe in Him are saved.You are placing an asterisk next to the all in those chapters in Romans. You are saying that the LGBT people who are dead in this tragedy are against your “strong Christian beliefs” and that they are not worthy of your respect even as fellow American citizens in this time of mourning.

What I find uncomfortable is these people’s lack of caring for dead fellow Americans. No respect for them in life nor death, no honor, no caring….no love.

Only thinking of your poor self as you get to walk past that flag on your way to work in the morning.

You have a rough life.

You do realize they’re dead, right?  They can’t walk past any flags at all anymore. They’re not even breathing.

You realize they’re dead, right?  They can’t attend church anymore, go home for Thanksgiving, kiss their kids goodnight nor visit their parents anymore.

You realize they’re dead, right?  Or do you even care?

Well, it’s good that you don’t care too much about them.  I mean, why bother with the icky LGBT folks because they are all going to hell anyway!

Whew! What a relief this must be for you!  It’s a good thing for you is that they are indeed dead and gone.  Well almost gone, just that “Pride” flag that is soooo annoying to you.

You have a rough life indeed.

They no longer have to bother you in your life anymore. Just let this flag issue blow over and you’re home free not to have to worry about pride flags, dozens dead and wounded and thousands of other innocent deaths as well. Your “strong Christian beliefs” allow you to push aside all these pesky LBGT deaths so you can walk into your workplace each morning without being bothered by these heathen sinners.

Wait, thousands of other innocent deaths?  What ‘other deaths’? I’m sure you’re just as adamant at all the abortions taking place in your county. I’m sure you are equally as vocal about the thousands of aborted babies in your area every year. I’m sure you worked with your superiors to complain about the lack of caring for the most innocent among us, the babies in the womb. I’m sure you took it upon yourself to see that this societal ill is cured.

Of course you didn’t.

But those unborn babies?  Yes, they’re dead too, you don’t have to worry about them anymore.  You can go on your way and enjoy your life while all these innocent lives are dead…innocent lives that were killed in the womb, and innocent lives that were killed in a night club.  You can walk past that flag remembering it’s “just another” 49 dead that you turn a blind eye to. After all, what’s another 49 dead when you’ve ignored countless thousands of innocent babies killed in the womb?

Don’t worry, they’re all dead.  They won’t bother you nor your “strong Christian beliefs” anymore.



Suddenly, there is LGBT equality, but only in death

How does a LGBT Christian engage in conversation with a fellow Christian who is a conservative evangelical that only sees life as valid from their point of view? (I don’t lump all conservative evangelicals into this group, not by a long shot. Thus the understanding that the ones who insist that their way is the only ordained way are the ones I’m referring to here)

It goes a lot like this:

Conservative evangelical: gays are demanding people that constantly demand more rights.

LGBT Christian: we are kicked out of churches and workplaces for being honest about who we are.

Conservative evangelical: you are taking away our religious freedoms!

LGBT Christian: you mean it’s your religious freedom to kick gay people out of your churches and job sites?

Conservative evangelical: thus sayeth the Lord you are abominations into the Lord and are doomed to hell.

LGBT Christian: can you answer my question?

Conservative evangelical: you are infringing on my religious rights!

LGBT Christian: you didn’t answer my question…

Conservative evangelical: we don’t have to answer to your evil LGBT agenda!

Then the Orlando massacre happens…

Conservative evangelical: We will pray for you, this is a massacre of every American, we all are sad at the loss of life and are united together to pray.

LGBT Christian: only now you acknowledge we are equal Americans?…we’re only equal to you in death but not in life? why are you praying for those who you have long insisted LGBT people are going to hell?


So gay and transgender people are only treated equal in death but not in life by many conservatives/evangelical types. It’s so strange to watch this unfold as the sun sets on the first day of watching the TV news and social media sites.

What these anti-LGBT leaders and their followers are doing is unknowingly offering them mercy and grace. The same complete mercy and grace Jesus offered us at the cross if we believe in him. All who believe are saved as outlined in Romans chapters 2 thru chapter 5. Not most, ALL.

Welcome to New Covenant grace, evangelical conservative Christians. We’ve been waiting for you.

Now please treat us equally in life, not just in death.

The Real LGBT Agenda

After more than six years on his Facebook page, Dr. Michael Brown has blocked me from posting there. I’ve asked many substantive questions yet have received zero substantive responses from Mr Brown. Sorry, “read this link” or “buy my book” isn’t considered substantive for a discussion.

Just look at Dr. Michael Brown’s Facebook page (“AskDrBrown”) on any given day lately. His near daily rants about trans people, gay people, the “nasty LGBT agenda”…but yet I don’t see people coming to Christ through any of his Facebook page posts. It’s all hot air blather. Read the comments section on any of his posts…vile, misguided hatred masquerading as truth only ostracizes people even further from solid discussion.

During the course of conversations there I would often preface my position on an issue as a “Christian transgender woman”.  And of course many followers of his there would come back and say that’s not possible. Shouting at me cherry picked Bible verses to allegedly prove their point. What they did prove instead, was how good they were at cutting and pasting irrelevant bible verses to a discussion.

Just yesterday, he posted yet another anti-LGBT piece, one of several this past week, this time a poem.  Here is a portion:

Lesbian greats long neglected
Well known gays just now detected.

Some, perhaps, were man-boy lovers;
We’ll keep that stuff under the covers.

GLSEN* will fill in for Granny
And help kids find their inner-trannie.

Those born in a body that’s wrong
Will hear of sex-change before long.

The rest of his poem is here. Click if you dare allow your blood rise to a full boiling point, read the rest of his anti-LGBT ‘poetry’ at this link.  Copy and paste this link, I refuse to directly link it from this page:

Pius drivel like this is why people don’t want to go back to church. He is constantly barraging LGBT people as if we are his personal political and religious piñata. The same goes for other people such as Franklin Graham, Southern Baptist convention higher up Russell Moore, the Benham family, John Piper, etc. Read their diatribes on LGBT folks…filled with legalism but void of true love. Yet they claim they are “being loving” by telling us the “truth”.

Umm, no. That’s not how it works.  That’s not how the red words work. That’s not how Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross works.

People like those preacher men make it very hard to not just preach the true gospel, but to actually live it and show it. When those that do show the true gospel from the heart meets someone who’s doctrine is from these men and their institutions, they are put down by this camp as being “too grace like and not enough law”. They demand the results must look like and feel like what they consider to be proper Gospel.

As if the theological doctorate certificates hanging on the wall of these men wall one-up God’s Spirit at anytime.

Proper gospel is what comes from the heart and is a result of God flowing inside of someone’s soul. That’s the “love one another” part of things. That’s how the Holy Spirit moves mightily!

But His Spirit cannot move when men insist it must look like, and must fit into, a certain way of thinking or being. Such as what those aforementioned men and their systems consider only what’s proper in their finite eyes.

Yet these stalwarts of church piety keep talking down to the LGBT folks. And they are losing them in droves.  Creating the “us vs them” LGBT agenda, as they say, that they love to talk about and claim to be constant victim of at every turn.  They consider themselves to be “right” on doctrinal interpretation.  All while shunning the hearts of LGBT believers who will never come back to church because of their proper doctrine, ever.

Why is the victim-first mentality alive and well in religion-mixed-with-politics circles?  Is that part of the fear that helps them sell their brand? But I digress…

While they keep being “right” in their view of doctrine, these people who have been put out are hurting much more. They are walking away from God because you hurt them in the name of proper doctrine.  You alone are responsible for them walking away from God due solely to your insistence on being “right”. It stands to reason that these men and systems in for a rude awakening once they stand in front of God for pushing people away from Him:


Yes there is a greater agenda against LGBT people, is a terrible agenda, it comes from the pulpit and the politicians that are attached to those pulpits in America. It is called “dispose of the LGBT. This sexually immoral group of fornicators is our enemy and we need to remove them. They could never be considered Americans even if they serve this country in the military.”

That is the LGBT agenda. In other words, the LGBT agenda to exterminate, dispose of, ignore, separate from society, cast out, and put down everyone who find themselves with an LGB or T in front of their name. By use of cherry picked gospel verse…out of context bible verses… to “prove” their point.

Jesus did not shout bible verses at people, only the Pharisees, the separatists, who refused to believe in Him, who’s goal was to maintain power in law.

Another word for Pharisees is separatists or separated ones.

Separating and dividing.  This is exactly what’s going on here in our country in these days, in our churches and in our politics, especially with these men leading the way.

The real LGBT agenda is to also separate the LGBT people as a permanent, banned-from-church second class political whipping post. All while blaming it on anything but themselves for creating this unGod-like separation among His people in our land. It allows these stoic institutions to keep throwing verbal stones at those they consider to be “abominations until the Lord” while they keep their sins hidden in the system of a given church religion. That’s precisely what Jesus came to save us from, the religious system. But that tragically is exactly what we have today across our country.

That is the LGBT agenda, separating one American against another for the sake of religious and political power. You men and institutions are not the victims of this agenda, quite the opposite…you are the willing players to see that it continues using fear as the weapon of division.

It’s horrific.  I pray this changes towards the heart of God and changes quickly.


-Monica Jean


(photo credit to Zac Poonen from his book Fifty Marks of Pharisees)