Welcome to the Back 40

Welcome to the Back 40, the blog space of themaydayfoundation.org (under construction).  Here blogs will touch on many subjects and mainly the struggle of those who are transgender, gay and Christian.

The Back 40 is the toughest part of any farm land to harvest. Often times, it has thorny bushes, is muddy, under developed, and otherwise abandoned.  Tragically, just like the relationship the church has with gay and transgender people.  The traditional church mostly places such people in the back 40, where it doesn’t want to deal with differences in people or even worse, push them out the door. We are the Back 40, we are the ones in the trenches being fired upon from those on our own team who are mostly in the rest of the field and who misunderstand us and our mission.

Yes, one can be transgender and Christian!

Yes, one can be gay and Christian!

Here, we don’t cherry-pick/proof-text the bible.  The Word of God is viewed in proper context, often going far back in time to original texts to unearth what the English language cannot: clarity.