My Response to the Activist Mommy Slamming LGBT+ People

​Here is the link and heading to her original video. I ask you to watch it before reading further:

As you can see, there are many issues with her diatribe to address…

Dear The Activist Mommy (Miss AV),

In your video where you rant about how bad us LGBT people are these days, you mention several falsehoods and politically-based platitudes. It is important to show truth in the midst of your allegations and victim-first ranting.

You said:
“gender insanity is ruining our nation”. You sound like Dr Michael Brown and Franklin Graham, who are both also completely wrong about all things transgender. Transgender people aren’t ruining our nation. What is running our nation is:
–politicians who claim smaller government yet don’t make the government smaller after they are elected
–out of control debt, unchecked by Congress, even this Congress
–apathy, too many go home and don’t care yet whine about everything with their victim-first mentality that is indeed “making our nation fall apart”, such as you, Brown and Graham.

“Moms and daughters transitioning together”. Yes they are. Have you seen how their depression has completely lifted and now happy living life? Have you talked with them or judged them from afar? Of course you didn’t, you judged from your lofty social media throne. I suggest you give them a call to meet with them for lunch. You could learn a lot from them. 

“Why do we need to bring in kiddie porn, and tampon” to read to kindergartners.”
Ummm no. Jazz Jennings read her book to others to open their minds about science and truth. You should have been there, you could have learned a lot from a 15 year old.

The “LGBT…acronym.” that you mock.  Jesus didn’t mock others, neither should you. 

You make no distinction between sex and gender, you put them all in one lump ball of wax. This is terribly wrong, illustrating how you know little to nothing about any of what you spoke about.

Continuing your victim-first, our nation is going to hell, Christians can’t be gay banter, your recent blog entries whining about how wrong Glennon Melton is for marrying her wife.
In your link
…you allege: “marriage” or homosexual sex. There is no such thing as a homosexual Christian”
Umm, yes there is. Glennon Melton and her wife are two! You can’t see beyond your own understanding thus you are very wrong.. Your scripture proof-texting is usual Tee-Ball League fare for the biblically uneducated unfortunately.

You even have the gall to talk down to Glennon Melton. Have you read any of her books? Do you know how much pain she endured in her marriage that fell apart? According to your post, you do not.

And there are countless others who are gay and Christian. Vicky Beeching is an excellent example of a wonderful gay Christian! Yet you refuse to see anything outside of what you understand. And understanding is what we are taught not lean upon, remember?

Let’s face your reality, it’s not a stretch us to believe you would utter the words: “There is no such thing as a transgender Christian.”
Hi Miss AV, I’m Monica, a devoutly Christian transgender woman. I know hundreds like me in my social circles. There are millions of others across the globe. Even if you refuse to believe anything other than what Dr Brown or Franklin Graham incorrectly claim.

“This is not one of the most embarrassing moments in this country’s history”
No it’s not Miss AV.  “Dewey Defeats Truman” was one of the most embarrassing moments in history.

You mention that if Jenner commits a crime, blood samples will show Jenner as “Bruce”.

Let’s think about this a bit deeper than a drunken singer incoherently mumbling behind a microphone on stage like you are doing in this video…
Jenner didn’t commit a crime of course, but let’s look at hundreds of men (and some women) who have committed sexual crimes who have committed heinous crimes against young children, women and even farm animals.

You brush-off such predators and don’t mention them in your video because they don’t fit your understanding nor your political narrative. Why not DNA test these people that you don’t mention, the TRUE sexual predators? There are vastly more sexual predators that prey on women and children who are hetero than ever will be transgender. Ever. Yet you choose to create a hypothetical situation to make yourself feel better about your own understanding, which we are told not to lean upon.

Please don’t EVER equate a trans person with these sick individuals Miss AM. That is appalling of you.

“Truth and reality and science really mean nothing to the left”.
No Activist Mommy, making this statement of yours is one of the most embarrassing moments in our country’s history. You refuse to look at science laid in front of you, instead only allowing your ears to be tickled with failed theories of hack doctors such as Kenneth Zucker, Joseph Money and Paul McHugh.  You call that truth, it’s not. Long disproven but you don’t care as it doesn’t fit your finite, political narrative.

“They are abandoning their true biological identity”.
No Miss AV, we are not. We are embracing it and living it. You only look at what’s on the outside. Look at this scientific evidence of brain scans that shows we are indeed made differently on the inside. It clearly shows transgender people’s endocrine systems are made in reverse: 

The bible in 1 Sam 16:7 “mankind judges by outward appearance but God looks at the heart.”

The heart. That’s what God is after, even yours.

Sadly, heart is what you lacking when it comes to anyone LGBT. You have no love of God in your voice or your heart for LGBT people. We are merely pawns on your chess game of politics mixed with your version of religion. There is no example of Jesus working in or from you for anyone LGBT. Rather, we hear fear-based politics. That was something Jesus was never a part of, ever. The fruit of Galatians 5:22-23 eludes you because you look for obedience to your understanding of law, not faith in Him.

Your video is misleading at the very least and downright demonic in it’s approach to twist scripture to meet your own need to make people bow to your understanding of God’s word, just like Dr Brown and Franklin Graham.

Enough of your chest-beating, let’s take a look at real love in action…

The world needs to see an example of what Jesus’ love looks like to erase the memory of ever watching your ranting. Here is a photo I snapped at my parent’s house recently:

The two magazines sitting side-by-side could not be more telling of my dad’s heart for his country, God and his family. I am transgender, my daughter is gay. 2 of the main 4 letters you assume to be scarlet in nature are stamped on our foreheads. And DNA.

Yet my Catholic dad loves us all the same. Just like Jesus does. Out of that life is born life, relationship, growth and watching God’s Spirit move in amazing ways. This is the heart of Jesus.

You see my dad is a Vietnam war veteran, he was almost killed in battle during a terrible siege in 1967. Many of his battalion perished in the bloodbath, he was lucky, he lived. I don’t know how he survived the carnage physically unscathed, but he did. Thankfully.

The same goes for my mom, she loves us all the same. In fact, they even love my ex spouse. They go past our assumed understandings of how to react then love. You need to spend some time with them to learn what love is all about from them.

I’m so sorry you are incapable of love like a flag-waving Vietnam vet who watched his buddy’s head get blown off and warm blood splatter all over him. I’m so sorry you can’t love others like Jesus but need to vent your vile politicalisms to rally your base and to tickle your legalistic ears. I’m sorry you can’t see love and truth in front of you even if they have the scarlet letters of LGBT+ on their societal foreheads.

And no, you don’t have to “celebrate our mental disorders…or sin”.
We’re not asking you to celebrate anything.

However, we are asking you to actually look at the science you claim we don’t care about.

Look beyond the outside to see who God made me/us to be on the inside, that very person who you claim is mentally deficient and lied to by Hollywood. You know, be like God in 1 Sam 16:7 to look at the heart rather than like mankind who assumes their knowledge from outward appearance.

The science you say “we” don’t care about is there in front of you, but are you willing to seriously consider it? Or is your social circle so large that an about-face for you to actually follow truth means a fall from grace from your fan base?

I have a feeling you will only dig your heels in even further to your understanding as the fame you currently enjoy will drive you further into religious legalism, making your distance even greater from ever seeing Galatians 5:22-23 be a part of your life in regards to LGBT people.

LGBT people are people, fellow American citizens who serve in our military proudly, many are devout Christians like myself.  Jesus accepts us for who we are, we are saved by the same act of love on the cross. We don’t change from being gay to un-gay. Remember Exodus International…the alleged ex-gay conversion palace? It closed down. It didn’t convert anyone, it hurt a lot of gay people for years go come. This doesn’t seem to mean much to you though. Sadly.

LGBT people are no lesser or greater than you. I see the fruit of Galatians 5:22-23 flow from them freely and often. That’s how I know you’re wrong, dead wrong, about your claim that people can’t be gay and Christian.

Until I see the fruit of Galatians 5:22-23 flow from you like I see it flow from many gay/trans people I know, it’s biblically safe to consider you a non-Christian.