With only offering partial Grace, why do Calvinist-based religions celebrate Easter?

After reflecting on Easter Sunday I ended with this question, why do Calvinists celebrate Easter?

The death of Jesus was the final sacrifice of the old covenant, the temple was destroyed by Rome (“this generation will not pass away.”) that was the end of the age at that time. The end times prophecy of destruction was done. The new covenant was available for all. It no longer existed only in a tabernacle but in the hearts of everyone who so asked.

Since Calvinists only believe in partial atonement during the sacrifice of Jesus, it’s as if the temple was never destroyed. That the new covenant is partially God’s responsibility (Jesus, God in the flesh) and our responsibility by following God’s laws. In that, we ironicallyshoulder most of the responsibility to save ourselves even though out best is merely filthy rags.

Since the law brings death but the Spirit of God brings life, why do these denominations have such a low-rent version of the ultimate and final sacrifice for anyone’s sins paid by God in the flesh on the cross?

Do we sing…

Amazing Partial Grace?

Tis So Sweet To Partially Trust On Jesus?

OK Is Thy Faithfulness?


By disallowing God’s spirit to fully be realized in our faith, we look elsewhere to fill in the gaps that a partial savior gives us.

That partial savior ends up being man’s understanding of God, such as Calvinsism. So we re-crucify God in the human flesh over and over believing we can earn something we can never pay…an eternal debt. But, here’s the thing, it’s already been paid.

By demanding conformity and placing false views of who gets into heaven and has eternal life (only “the elect” will receive that gift?)  we separate ourselves from others artificially. Creating division while demanding strict conformity to a man’s view of God, in this case it’s the recent interpretations of John Calvin.

Calvin didn’t die on the cross for us, God in human form died on the cross for us.

By us placing the dogma of a man’s interpretation over God, we die on the legalistic cross but never gain life in this world as our best is merely filthy rags. Partial grace really isn’t grace.

God isn’t limited to our understanding of Him.

Demanding partial grace, a Calvinistic view is like driving a Ferarri with 2 wheels, it goes nowhere. Fast. And stays there. Without properly equipping it with 4 wheels to allow it to cruise down the road, for the purpose of how it was made, we hobble this very creation from going anywhere.

So why do denominations continually send their members to die on the cross of Calvin-based legalism and doctine-comes-first-conformity rather than the fullness of God’s Spirit to gain life in their Spirit?

I wish I had an answer.