Setting up an iPhone leads to a tragic discovery

Yesterday I setup a used iPhone to make sure it all works properly. I tested things by opening up the Podcast app, which syncs podcasts across Apple devices, and within seconds I hear “Hi, I’m Debi Jackson…”.

I quizzically looked at the phone and asked myself as if I was in some sort of Rod Serling “Twilight Zone” episode: Why is Debi talking to me? I had to do a triple take.

After a couple seconds of pondering if I was indeed in a “Twilight Zone”, it occurred to me…”Oh yeah!”, it finally clicked in my brain, “her podcast was the most recent, so the Podcast app downloaded and started playing it”.

Whew! Well that was a bit surreal. Rod Serling wasn’t there either 🙂

But contained inside Debi’s latest podcast, Episode 7 How to Create a Trans-Inclusive School, was a depressing statistic: in trans youth in a non-supported environment report a 80% suicide ideation rate, and a 57% suicide attempt rate.

Conversely, trans youth in a supported environment? 4% suicide ideation rate.

57% vs 4%

If there is one statistic that defines the “Us vs. Them” mindset in this country, there it is.

The lesson is clear: support your trans kids.  They will live and thrive.  If you don’t, there’s a greater than 1 in 2 chance they will kill themselves.

The tragedy in the numbers is that the side that claims to be pro-life is the one causing the 57% number to be so high.  Irony?  A bitter one for sure.

Think about that, society at large that falsely believes that trans people are mentally ill teaches us to tell trans kids “they are too young to understand who they are” and society at large tells the kids to “deal with it”. Yeah, they deal with it by ending their lives.

Yes, they try to kill themselves.

The erasing of transgender people is part of the staunch-conservative platform in churches and in the GOP in 2016.  Yes, the GOP. It’s now the official platform of the Republican party.  Far too many religious institutions are the vocal arm for their anti-pro-life work yet they ignore the 57% number in favor of “All you need is Jesus!”

I already have Jesus, but Jesus doesn’t change the brains of transgender people to match your churchy, societal expectations.  Jesus doesn’t cure anyone’s ALS either.  Oh, and Jesus isn’t curing epilepsy.  Nope.

Jesus changes our hearts and minds.

The demand for physical manifestations that conform to church demands for physical appearance don’t happen.  That’s why too many church goers can’t see Jesus working in His people because they expect His works to be familiar to them, to be delivered in vessels of comfort.  He doesn’t work that way.  After all, Jesus was expected to ride into Jerusalem on a golden chariot yet appeared on a lowly donkey.

Tragically, their mind is made up that being transgender is a mental illness thus they won’t let Jesus change it.  Is 57% OK with you?  Would you like that number to continue to be astronomically high?  Then keep pressing for your party’s false platform against LGBT folks.

Tragically for all of us, the GOP no longer the fiscal backbone party of the USA, it’s a party filled with complaining about everything that happens.  Whining like a 3 year-old who can’t have a cookie about a “evil LGBT agenda”, “men using women’s bathrooms” and half-a-century of failed theory has given us “You are mentally disturbed! You need Jesus not hormones!”

The millions echoing statements such as these on social media and real life show that those who believe in these false tenants of the GOP platform have a lot to learn.  They need to be consistent in their views as well.

First off, there is no LGBT agenda, we’re just trying to live without being harassed, without losing our places of residence and without losing our jobs.  And for kids, they’re trying to be the best they can be in the awkward formative school years.  That’s not too much to ask, is it?

If we are to be productive citizens who pay our taxes and promote to the overall economic health of the community, why would you be against us doing these things?  After all, these are core components of economic freedom and prosperity.  Answer this please.  We are waiting.

Also, if people claim to be truly pro-life, why are they so wholly against transgender people? …so much so, they love them all to an early death? Does the staunch right not see the difference between the 57% down to 4% number?  Does that not mean anything to this voting block made mostly of self-proclaimed Christians?  Why do they continue to wish-away trans people in favor of conversion therapy (pray-the-gay-away therapy) that only leads to HIGHER suicide rates?  You need to do your homework here so you can be consistent in your views.  

But alas, their homework stops with the fully discredited Dr Paul McHugh and his failed gender department at John Hopkins University.  They consider his writings as gospel, as the 67th book of the bible, yet he has been proven 100% wrong…the wrong side of history, the wrong of helping people, and the wrong side of God’s salvation.  Completely anti-pro-life as they come, McHugh has brought much pain and suffering to his patients.  A ‘Jack Kevorkian for the mind’ is a more apt description of this man.

Not sure why the staunch right considers themselves pro-life, that is absurd.  They’re really pro-birth, then if others don’t fit your viewpoints, you are pro-eradication of them and their lives.  Again, you need to learn consistency and learn to value life, not just birth.

57% vs 4%

Thank you to Apple for auto-playing Debi’s podcast, it was enlightening to say the least. (Please listen to it, the link below) I just hope some of that light permeates the hearts and minds of those who falsely insist the “evil LGBT agenda” is out to get them.

What’s out to get them is their own lack of knowledge, it’s a weapon that is being used against their own hearts and minds, completely against Jesus.  All in the name of pandering for their votes.

Much of the 2016 GOP and a majority of the plaques that proclaim “doctorate of theology” hanging on the walls of the offices of preachers across this land are choosing to bolster the 57% suicide attempt rate and made a political platform that will bump up that number.

Overall, it’s largely the ones without the doctorate degrees in theology who are making the 4% a reality, and attempting to make it lower.

Clearly it’s the preachers with theology degrees who claim to be staunchly pro-life that are teaching their congregations and politicians to be pro-death.  Oh the irony.




Trans-Parenting Podcast Episode 7: How to Create a Trans-Inclusive School