Dear Christian, you’re offended at a flag but not offended at all the killings around you?

Dear offended Christian,

You are again easily offended by something else someone else is doing. This time, your county raised the rainbow flag in honor of the massacre victims in your state.  You called it a “divisive, politically-charged symbol”.  That this rainbow flag “might create an uncomfortable workplace environment for many of his employees”. And “the presence of the flag was “nearly unbearable” for her to pass on her way to work”.

A flag honoring dozens dead in your state is unbearable?  You have a rough life.

this article:
LGBT pride flag raised after Orlando shooting ‘unbearable’ for Christian employee, Hillsborough commissioner says

Jesus died on the cross for all of us.  All. Romans chapters 2 thru 5 outline this in no uncertain detail.  There is no asterisk next to the all that says that Christians who believe in Him are saved.You are placing an asterisk next to the all in those chapters in Romans. You are saying that the LGBT people who are dead in this tragedy are against your “strong Christian beliefs” and that they are not worthy of your respect even as fellow American citizens in this time of mourning.

What I find uncomfortable is these people’s lack of caring for dead fellow Americans. No respect for them in life nor death, no honor, no caring….no love.

Only thinking of your poor self as you get to walk past that flag on your way to work in the morning.

You have a rough life.

You do realize they’re dead, right?  They can’t walk past any flags at all anymore. They’re not even breathing.

You realize they’re dead, right?  They can’t attend church anymore, go home for Thanksgiving, kiss their kids goodnight nor visit their parents anymore.

You realize they’re dead, right?  Or do you even care?

Well, it’s good that you don’t care too much about them.  I mean, why bother with the icky LGBT folks because they are all going to hell anyway!

Whew! What a relief this must be for you!  It’s a good thing for you is that they are indeed dead and gone.  Well almost gone, just that “Pride” flag that is soooo annoying to you.

You have a rough life indeed.

They no longer have to bother you in your life anymore. Just let this flag issue blow over and you’re home free not to have to worry about pride flags, dozens dead and wounded and thousands of other innocent deaths as well. Your “strong Christian beliefs” allow you to push aside all these pesky LBGT deaths so you can walk into your workplace each morning without being bothered by these heathen sinners.

Wait, thousands of other innocent deaths?  What ‘other deaths’? I’m sure you’re just as adamant at all the abortions taking place in your county. I’m sure you are equally as vocal about the thousands of aborted babies in your area every year. I’m sure you worked with your superiors to complain about the lack of caring for the most innocent among us, the babies in the womb. I’m sure you took it upon yourself to see that this societal ill is cured.

Of course you didn’t.

But those unborn babies?  Yes, they’re dead too, you don’t have to worry about them anymore.  You can go on your way and enjoy your life while all these innocent lives are dead…innocent lives that were killed in the womb, and innocent lives that were killed in a night club.  You can walk past that flag remembering it’s “just another” 49 dead that you turn a blind eye to. After all, what’s another 49 dead when you’ve ignored countless thousands of innocent babies killed in the womb?

Don’t worry, they’re all dead.  They won’t bother you nor your “strong Christian beliefs” anymore.