Suddenly, there is LGBT equality, but only in death

How does a LGBT Christian engage in conversation with a fellow Christian who is a conservative evangelical that only sees life as valid from their point of view? (I don’t lump all conservative evangelicals into this group, not by a long shot. Thus the understanding that the ones who insist that their way is the only ordained way are the ones I’m referring to here)

It goes a lot like this:

Conservative evangelical: gays are demanding people that constantly demand more rights.

LGBT Christian: we are kicked out of churches and workplaces for being honest about who we are.

Conservative evangelical: you are taking away our religious freedoms!

LGBT Christian: you mean it’s your religious freedom to kick gay people out of your churches and job sites?

Conservative evangelical: thus sayeth the Lord you are abominations into the Lord and are doomed to hell.

LGBT Christian: can you answer my question?

Conservative evangelical: you are infringing on my religious rights!

LGBT Christian: you didn’t answer my question…

Conservative evangelical: we don’t have to answer to your evil LGBT agenda!

Then the Orlando massacre happens…

Conservative evangelical: We will pray for you, this is a massacre of every American, we all are sad at the loss of life and are united together to pray.

LGBT Christian: only now you acknowledge we are equal Americans?…we’re only equal to you in death but not in life? why are you praying for those who you have long insisted LGBT people are going to hell?


So gay and transgender people are only treated equal in death but not in life by many conservatives/evangelical types. It’s so strange to watch this unfold as the sun sets on the first day of watching the TV news and social media sites.

What these anti-LGBT leaders and their followers are doing is unknowingly offering them mercy and grace. The same complete mercy and grace Jesus offered us at the cross if we believe in him. All who believe are saved as outlined in Romans chapters 2 thru chapter 5. Not most, ALL.

Welcome to New Covenant grace, evangelical conservative Christians. We’ve been waiting for you.

Now please treat us equally in life, not just in death.