Please don’t call me a Christian anymore.

Please don’t call me a Christian anymore.

The web site rawstory can sometimes sensationalize Christians and makes them look bad. Not this time. All it took was a Christian taking the words of the bible completely out of context and putting her false understanding on display for the world to see. (link at bottom of this article)

She prayed that the storm wouldn’t hit her place of residence.  I’m not judging her heart…it may very well be completely faithful to God.  I’m not saying she isn’t shell-shocked by the event that just transpired in front of her…I give her much latitude in her possible emotional distress of the situation and I’m glad she’s OK.  Severe weather is nothing to mess with!

However, the example given for the world to see by her misinterpreting what the bible says…well…it’s unnerving.  Here’s her quote:

“We actually went outside and started commanding the winds, because God had given us authority over the winds, the airways,” Lowe said. “And we just began to command this storm not to hit our area. We spoke to the storm and said, ‘Go to unpopulated places.’ It did exactly what we said to do, because God gave us the authority to do that.”

She prayed that the storm would go elsewhere to not affect them. Listen to the embedded audio clip at that link for yourself.

Cringeworthy is an understatement.

(These storms generally have a north east path, was she away from the line of storms that traveled on a north east trajectory?)

Let’s examine the most likely reference in the bible she is referring to, Mark 4:29: “And He got up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Hush, be still.” And the wind died down and it became perfectly calm.”

The wind became calm as Jesus commanded. However, no storms were sent elsewhere to cause damage on anyone else.

If we continue reading verses 30-31: “And He said to them, “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” They became very much afraid and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey Him?”

Jesus did this for reasons to show them the power of God and to encourage faith in his small crew.

Shall we blatantly take the Word of God out of it’s proper context to shield ourselves to hurt others? No, but that’s what happened. I’m sure she was taught this by someone who is a preacher of the Word. And this happens far too often these days…all in the name of ‘proper doctrine’…remember, the cold-hearted & stiff-necked Pharisees were fantastic teachers of the Word but had zero mercy, love or grace in their souls.

No wonder people look to Christians and say “I don’t want to be like them” because the world sees the Christians as selfish, willing to protect one’s area at the cost of other people.

The world is watching, and it’s disgusted at what it sees. Rather than faith that God requests, it sees forced rigid conformity inside systems at the hands of mortal mankind and people clutching to falsehoods such as “God gave us authority over the winds”.

No, God gave you authority over your body & soul. From there we love others…there’s where His spirit flows…and it flows mightily. Not by wishing storm winds elsewhere.

Rather than the world seeing Christians as hope for making healing bridges of love through savior Jesus, it see institutions protecting their territories, fortifying their gates with conditional clauses and wishing away everyone that doesn’t fit in their small boxes of understanding.

So please, don’t ever call me a Christian again. I much prefer to be called Jesus Follower, one who believes the Red words have incredible meaning and where my savior Jesus shows us examples of love and guidance, not retribution based on cherry-picking verses out of context…Jesus doesn’t do that but too many others are happy to do so claiming they know the Word…umm, NO! That’s not how this Christianity thing works.

Our example of following Jesus is on full display. Rarely is there an option of a system that fully allows for the life of His spirit to flow. Those churches are out there but sadly they are a small minority. Which leaves two choices for most people…which one do you choose for the world to see…Lifeless conformity to man-created institutions that has the world spitting you out or life-filled faith based solely on Jesus’ example?

No pressure, the world is watching.

Thank you,
A Jesus Follower

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